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Bill D. | Orange, Connecticut

January 14 2018 Bark busters rating

Vicki and Richard Horowitz are absolutely amazing. They are incredibly knowledgeable on all things about dogs. They are always available via phone call, email, and skype. We purchased the gold lifetime support package and we could not be happier. We have a happy black lab puppy that has been thriving due to the expertise. They are always so kind and helpful with every question we have. They truly help so much with puppy training, barking, chewing, house training, jumping…just to name a few! We cannot say enough good things about their service! The best advice we can give anyone with a puppy is to find Vicki and Richard Horowitz ASAP! We cannot thank them enough for helping us with Riley!!! If we could give them 10 stars we would!!!!

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Amy C. | Woodbridge, Connecticut

January 13 2018 Bark busters rating

We had, and continue to have an incredible relationship with Vicki & Richard/Bark Busters. We signed on with them to help with our new puppy, Charlie. We wanted to start training Charlie from the beginning and also wanted assistance with acclimating our current dogs (two black labs) with their new "sibling". From the minute Vicki & Richard walked into our home it was magic. They are professional, patient, kind and SO good at what they do. We connected with them immediately and so did our pups. They listened to us, understood our concerns/challenges and addressed them with an expertise and nurturing that was outstanding. And it didn't end after the first session... they actively (but respectfully) follow up and check in often. They are very understanding of my busy schedule and are so accommodating. I went through excellent dog training with my first pup and I thought nothing could be better - I was so wrong! Vicki & Richard/Bark Busters blew us away! So grateful to have developed this relationship (and our pups LOVE them!)

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Malachi K. | New Haven, Connecticut

January 9 2018 Bark busters rating

Richard and Vicki are amazing dog trainers and people! They helped me put in place a system that allows me to still love my dog entirely, completely and always, but also to be in charge!

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Sean P. | bethany, Connecticut

January 3 2018 Bark busters rating

Richard and Vicki have greatly helped me in training my dog. Their no treat no physical training is great in many ways. The training is going good and we have established a training method that me and my dog titan understand and can easily follow to get the results any dog owner would want.

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Adam W. | Milford, Connecticut

December 14 2017 Bark busters rating

Richard & Vicki have been extremely attentive to the stressors of both Rosie and ourselves, tailoring a training program unique to those needs. Their recall of previous sessions helps us maximize our time together, be in in-person or via FaceTime. Regardless of the medium, Richard & Vicki are able to identify areas we're excelling, areas we are not yet fully owning and suggestions for new challenges to improve the dog and owners relationships. After only 2-months of being in the program, we have already seen tremendous improvement with Rosie, and are looking forward to seeing where we are in another 10-months at the conclusion of the training program.

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Scott V. | Cheshire, Connecticut

December 3 2017 Bark busters rating

Great experience !

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Jane M. | Milford, Connecticut

December 1 2017 Bark busters rating

December 1, 2017

Richard accomplished so much in the 2 hours that he was with me and I continue to reinforce what I learned. He was so patient with me and explained everything so well. Vicki called last night with a follow-up and answered all my questions. I truly believe I am on my way to having a well mannered pup who follows my lead!

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Dana S. | Woodbridge, Connecticut

November 28 2017 Bark busters rating

The training is wonderful! I love that I am taught how to act and Marley responds to me.

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Tom B. | North Haven, Connecticut

November 18 2017 Bark busters rating

Our rescue dog Peaches is very skitish and has been a constant barker when she would come in contact with people. We have used various training methods for her in order to break her habit, but to no avail. My wife learned of Bark Busters and we decided to give it a try. We were amazed during our first training session how Richard and Vicki were able to provide one simple command for us to use that stopped Peaches continuous barking almost immediately. As we were told, we will need to continue working with Peaches on a daily basis to ensure she learns that we are the leaders and not her. We are very fortunate to have come in contact with Bark Busters. Having learned a few different commands, we will work with Peaches to ensure she continues to be the sweet loving dog she has been but without the continuous barking. Thank you Richard and Vicki


Mary Ellen A. | Bristol, Connecticut

November 15 2017 Bark busters rating

The training was very helpful. I had not owned a dog before and through this training, I was able to understand the importance of commands, helping my dog by keeping things simple without a lot of words and the importance of praise to help him understand when he's doing things correctly.

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Marsha S. | Bethany, Connecticut

November 15 2017 Bark busters rating

We have had Richard and Vicky now for 6 months and our dog, Jimmy, has improvement on a daily basis. Jimmy was a rescue dog and had little training. Actually, it was my husband and me that needed the training. Jimmy needed to be socialized with guests in our house. We have just started to train him with walking and heeling. The BarkBuster collar seems to really help the progress.

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Douglas R. | North Haven, Connecticut

November 2 2017 Bark busters rating

First of all, Richard and Vicki of Bark Busters are two of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Our situation was unique in that we always considered our dog to be extremely well behaved, but unfortunately had to remove him from our home for a while when we were told our then two-month old son's allergies put him at risk for asthma. Fast forward a year, and our son's respiratory system was more developed, but our 6 year old pup needed "rules" so that he could rejoin our family at home. Richard and Vicki have given us the tools and insight to help us, and more than that, they truly care. Their knowledge of dog behavior and training is unparallel to anyone else, and because of them (and my parents who took in our dog for a year), our family is whole again. We can't thank Bark Busters enough

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Debbie M. | Cheshire, Connecticut

October 30 2017 Bark busters rating

Richard is accommodating with my schedule, and thorough with our sessions. He answers all of my questions, and continues to assist my dog Maggie, and I with strategies and recommendations.

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Samantha S. | Cheshire, Connecticut

October 28 2017 Bark busters rating

Overall, the training has been a huge help. I have noticed a positive change in Luna from the beginning.

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Diane K. | Orange, Connecticut

October 19 2017 Bark busters rating

Percy never had training before we adopted him, and he had some slight behavioral difficulties that we wanted to address, but mainly we were interested in learning how to communicate with him effectively and teach him the basics. We have found these techniques to be very valuable, because he is a dog that wants to please us, knowing how to tell him whether he is behaving properly in his own language has worked well.

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Bill M. | Waterbury, Connecticut

September 24 2017 Bark busters rating

We were impressed with the technics used to shape our dog Willy's behaviors and the therapists' professionalism.

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Katrina and Joseph F. | Hamden, Connecticut

September 8 2017 Bark busters rating

This is our second time working with Richard and Vicki. We are just as satisfied the second time around. It's clear their training is tailored to the individual dog's needs as they have introduced some new lessons for Brady that we hadn't learned before. Their best attribute is their ability to install confidence in owners - I always feel calmer and more confident in my abilities after our lessons. I've recommended their services to friends and plan to keep doing so.

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Christian M. | Derby, Connecticut

September 7 2017 Bark busters rating

Incredible! We were having issues adjusting Remy with our newborn son. Vicki and Richard solved our issues in the first session. Remy is a more obedient, but also a happier dog! They are very thorough in their training and committed to helping owners and their pets succeed.

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Joy A. | Beacon Falls, Connecticut

September 1 2017 Bark busters rating

1st lessons potty training, Jumping, barking/growling

2nd lesson 7/10/17 Started pool safety on our on, doing well. Sit, stay & free needs improvement. Trouble w/her eating mulch & eating poop. Worked on what to do when company arrives. (She was great with company & my mother's stay here).

3rd lesson 8/31 improving on house breaking. Rich introduced outside training lesson on the leash & we both learned front door initiation, distance control, attentiveness. She is doing very well and learning quickly.

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Lynne S. | Hamden, Connecticut

August 22 2017 Bark busters rating

Pleasant experience. Richard was gentle yet firm with Sammy. Sammy responded well. He couldn't quite figure out what was going on. He caught on pretty fast. I'm sure with consistency this will work out well.

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Paul P. | West Haven, Connecticut

August 8 2017 Bark busters rating

The training that I have gotten has been great. I am very glad with the service that I have gotten. Rich is very good and is very helpful. Fiona is doing very well with the training.

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Frank Y. | Wallingford, Connecticut

August 6 2017 Bark busters rating

Training has gone really well so far. Rich and Vicki are great to work with. The techniques are really well explained and it is really nice to have them come to our house. They offer great training and dogs tips to help us with our puppy.

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Armand D. | Madison, Connecticut

August 4 2017 Bark busters rating

We are pleased with the results with Weston. Bark Busters integrity and ethics makes it very pleasurable to have them work with my dog

Great job Richard and Vicki


Cathy P. | west haven, Connecticut

July 30 2017 Bark busters rating

we like the idea of training with out scaring the dog. Jax seems to be responding very well to the commands. Tim and I were very impressed by the presentation. we look forward to working with you again.

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Joseph M. | Wolcott, Connecticut

July 28 2017 Bark busters rating

Rich and Vicky did a excellent job

Well prepared, patient and excellent feedback

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Diana Y. | Hamden, Connecticut

July 16 2017 Bark busters rating

The training has been a positive and successful experience in helping us learn how to better manage Malbec. We are looking forward to continued growth, for both us and Malbec!

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Tara B. | Milford, Connecticut

July 11 2017 Bark busters rating

Richard and Vicki helped us prepare our two rescues for a baby! They gave us very specific homework that absolutely paid off. Our dogs are adjusting extremely well to the baby thanks to Richard & Vicki. Their techniques have proven to be successful with our dogs and it's easy for friends/family to follow our new protocols. We are very thankful for the help!

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Amrik R. | New Haven, Connecticut

June 26 2017 Bark busters rating

They were very thorough and concrete about her training. They knew immediately what to do to correct our dog's behavioral issues and helped a lot. They were great!

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Joy A. | Beacon Falls, Florida

June 18 2017 Bark busters rating

Richard & Vicki were very professional and completely expletive with detailed information on what needs required in training Sunshine. I would highly recommend this company to those who need help in training their dog.

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Stacy M. | Milford, Connecticut

June 17 2017 Bark busters rating

Training was very helpful. The trainer, Richard, was attentive. He listened to what we were interested in and showed us ways to deal with certain problems.

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Lee S. | Milford, Connecticut

June 14 2017 Bark busters rating

I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone who is getting a new puppy or dog. They are great about calling you back if you have a question. Also, follow your trainer's advice. Go back to your reference guide. Be patient with your pet. You are the leaders, not the dog.

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Laurie N. | Beacon Falls, Connecticut

June 3 2017 Bark busters rating

Richard and Vicki were excellent! They explained and helped me understand why Samny was behaving the way he was. By the time they left, I saw a remarkable change in both how I was handling Sammy and how Sammy was behaving.


Katie F. | Hamden, Connecticut

May 25 2017 Bark busters rating

We sought behavioral dog training after bringing home our first son. Our dogs had behavioral issues like separation anxiety that became even more prominent once we had a baby. We were really desperate by the time we contacted them, and I was totally overwhelmed caring for a newborn while recovering from an emergency c-section. Richard and Vicki were SO patient, kind, and encouraging with us. They have a calmness about them that made us feel confident in our ability to train our dogs and help them adjust to our new family. They were also incredibly understanding about how much time we realistically had to spend on daily dog training with a newborn at home, and always made us feel like we were doing a fantastic job! The training was so much more fun than anticipated, and a nice way for my husband and I to bond with our dogs (and each other!) while adjusting to parenthood. Sadly, our dog passed away far too soon and unexpectedly a few months later, and, once again, Richard and Vicki were there for us. They sent us some reading material about how to cope with losing a pet, and how to help our other dog cope with the loss, too. They also replied to several emails thereafter in which I asked questions about adopting another dog, now with a toddler at home. Now that we've found our new furry family member, we are excited to work with Richard and Vicki again in the near future! They are the best and I've recommended their services to several of my friends due to our great results.

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Brianna B. | Hamden, Connecticut

May 19 2017 Bark busters rating

We absolutely love Richard and Vicki! From the first day we began training with them, we saw improvements in our dog. And with each training session, we see more and more improvements we never thought we would. We are very thankful and happy we chose Barkbusters. I highly recommend this company to anyone searching for the perfect dog trainer.

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Angela G. | Oakville, Connecticut

May 19 2017 Bark busters rating

The trainer is polite and friendly. He is always on time and very accommodating. He works well with my dog I, and has a lot patience. He is easy to understand and learn with, and is very helpful.

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Anna P. | Cheshire, Connecticut

May 16 2017 Bark busters rating

Our dog Al came from a tough background! After fostering him, we decided to adopt him. We had taken him to multiple trainers in NY but no one seemed to be able to help. They merely said that was just his personality. Richard and Vicki instantly gave tips on how to control his aggression and barking towards other people and animals. Al also began to develop separation anxiety from me, not letting me be anywhere in the house without his eyes on me. In one lesson, this was addressed and nipped in the butt! They make training realistic and the results are amazing!

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Karen P. | Cheshire, Connecticut

May 16 2017 Bark busters rating

We adopted Zoe at the age of 5 months. She came to us very timid and fearful. We contacted Bark Busters for help and do not regret our decision. Although it is hard work and time consuming, we have seen positive progress with our Zoe. We know it's a big commitment but are so glad to have Vicki and Richard by our side. They truly care about helping us help Zoe be the best she can be. I have sent them texts or emails in between training sessions with questions and receive an answer within a few hours! That to me is amazing.

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Jennifer M. | Thomaston, Connecticut

May 2 2017 Bark busters rating

Richard was excellent and very patient with us! Both dogs are male Yorkies and can be very stubborn. It probably took us longer with each training item (some we are still working on) but we have made great improvement. He gave me very simple ideas that worked very effectively. The training pillow works very well. At this point, I just need to pick up the pillow and they will stop what they were doing

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Joann B. | milford, Connecticut

April 30 2017 Bark busters rating

We found it very interesting and also easy to understand,for us and Lilly.We are working with her and she does respond when we ask her to .We look forward to our next lesson, and I do mean OURS.Thank you again,you are both very sweet and loving people.xxx

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Tracy M. | Hamden, Connecticut

April 6 2017 Bark busters rating

The training with Rich has been great so far. I noticed a big difference in the dogs right away. They have helped us with getting the dogs to settle down quicker when people come over and not to jump upon them The training lessons they give us to do with the dogs are easy to follow. Look forward to more progress with the continued lessons.

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Sherri F. | Milford, Connecticut

April 5 2017 Bark busters rating

Richard and Vicky have done such a great job! We have seen such huge differences in Macy already!

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Melissa M. | Cheshire, Connecticut

March 29 2017 Bark busters rating

I'm amazed at how quickly my dog learned the new behaviors. Wish I started a year earlier.


Ted A. | Prospect, Connecticut

March 20 2017 Bark busters rating

Rich Horowitz did a great job educating us and training Zee. Patience and persistence is our assignment for the next two weeks. Zee will only do good if we follow through.

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Grant S. | New Haven, Connecticut

March 19 2017 Bark busters rating

Richard is an excellent trainer and very informative with regards to getting a better understanding of how you pet thinks. Training has gone very well and I look forward to learning more and having a better relationship with my dog

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Heather W. | Wallingford, Connecticut

February 22 2017 Bark busters rating

We have learned a lot in regards to different strategies to help Thor understand and trust us more. We have definitely seen an improvement in his behavior since the beginning of the training. We would like to use our remaining sessions on baby prep.

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CHRIS M. | WATERBURY, Connecticut

February 1 2017 Bark busters rating

Richard was wonderful to work with. My dog responded to him immediately and my husband and I were able to follow his instructions and why we need to do the exercises the way he explained them. I'm confident we will be a happier dog family after our training. I also like not using artificial means to do the training.

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Scott S. | Derby, Connecticut

January 29 2017 Bark busters rating

Everything was very well explained and the exercises were demonstrated well so we can continue the training before the first revisit.

aggressionbarkingjumping upseparation anxietyother

Justin M. | North Haven, Connecticut

January 24 2017 Bark busters rating

I was very pleased w/what I learned. Even more impressed what I learned as a homeowner/alpha. My mother who saw Opie last weekend said even she noticed a great improvement in Opie.

barkingjumping upseparation anxiety

Kerroann D. | Wallingford, Connecticut

January 21 2017 Bark busters rating

Vicki and Richard are very knowledgeable and patient. They are an excellent team. We appreciate all their help and guidance in our journey to nurture and train our puppy. I am confident we will raise a happy, healthy, well adjusted dog.

puppy training

Bernadette A. | East Haven, Connecticut

January 12 2017 Bark busters rating

Richard has been very patient and offers great tips that actually work. Also, Cody loves Richard!!

aggressionjumping upseparation anxiety

Leslie H. | north haven, Connecticut

January 5 2017 Bark busters rating

Logical, helpful, low key approach to working with dogs. Very informative and effective.

aggressionpulling on leadrecallrivalryseparation anxiety

Gila F. | Woodbridge, Connecticut

December 22 2016 Bark busters rating

Amazing results after the first lesson - even on that first evening! Now it's been almost a week, and I can hardly believe how much better my dogs are behaving. Barking is almost gone, aggression at the front door is under control and even the sibling rivalry has disappeared. The dogs and the people in our house are so much happier and more relaxed!! Fabulous :)

barkingrivalryseparation anxiety

Gary, bonnie S. | bethlehem, Connecticut

December 16 2016 Bark busters rating

been great so far! Bentley is a different dog!

aggressionbarkinghyperactivityjumping uprecallseparation anxiety

Dawn M. | Milford, Connecticut

December 5 2016 Bark busters rating

Geno has responded nicely to The training techniques that Bark Busters uses and recommends. We have noticed a big improvement

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Gritt S. | Wallingford, Connecticut

November 17 2016 Bark busters rating

We worked with Richard and he could help us with some issues we have with Lua. If we had a problem Barkbusters were always reachable and arranged a visit to go through the issue again. We really liked how Richard approached the issues and made it understandable for us.


Doug I. | Branford, Connecticut

November 14 2016 Bark busters rating

Training has been thorough, organized, and effective.

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Anthony D. | Northford, Connecticut

November 5 2016 Bark busters rating

Very impressive!

aggressionbarkingjumping up

Gina S. | Woodbridge, Connecticut

October 28 2016 Bark busters rating

Richard and Vicki were and are extremely helpful with helping to train myself and my son with our fur baby Ginger!! The tools are friendly and easy to follow - we as pet owners just have to follow them lol If you are on the fence or have questions please reach out to Richard and Vicki, you will not be disappointed!!!!!

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Lorri C. | Bethany, Connecticut

October 15 2016 Bark busters rating

Richard was excellent! During our first session, I saw Aggie responding in a way I didn't think she could. I already feel much less anxiety knowing that we have a plan and an end goal. Richard is gentle yet firm and I am very excited to continue working together to take care of the issues I have been having with my dogs.

aggressionbarkingjumping uprivalryseparation anxiety

Ray R. | New Haven, Connecticut

October 13 2016 Bark busters rating

Wonderful. I did not think that Lady would adhere. She has done remarkably well in a short time. She can be stubborn, but the trainers tell us to be patient for such a young dog. However, she has come a long way and I can't believe her progress. Special hints by Richard and Vickie have helped, but she somehow knows a way around us. More work is needed and I believe that she will be a well-behaved Dalmatian dog and know how much both of us love her to enjoy her life without stress and anxiety.

Lady looks forward to seeing Richard and Vickie because of their technique and steadfastness. They are family now to Lady and us. Dog training by Bark Busters has been and will continue to be a great source

of help to us who are not young and too energetic as is Lady.

Thank you Richard & Vickie for your personalities and professionalism.

aggressionbarkingchewingdigginghyperactivityjumping uppulling on leadrecallseparation anxietytoiletingpuppy trainingother

Lori L. | Branford, Connecticut

September 29 2016 Bark busters rating

I have been using Richard and Vicki for my dog Roxy since 2007. When ever I have a problem I will call them and they respond immediately. They are always there for me and my dogs. There training techniques are the best in the world. They are wonderful people to work with. They have taught me a lot. If you are looking for a trainer I strongly suggest that you call Bark Busters. You will never find a better trainer for you dog.

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Jaime R. | West Haven, Connecticut

September 16 2016 Bark busters rating

From lesson #1 we've been extremely grateful for Richard and Vicki's expertise. They've equipped us with many tools and resources to train our dog and it's been very effective. They are also very quick to answer questions and always available to help. Choosing Bark Busters was one of the best investment we've made!

barkingjumping upseparation anxietyother

Bette and Dominc F. | Orange, Connecticut

September 10 2016 Bark busters rating

Richard and Vicki are terrific! Their services have truly transformed our dog into a family member.

aggressionseparation anxiety

Ted M. | Cheshire, Connecticut

September 8 2016 Bark busters rating

Great Job, very helpful.

aggressionchewingdigginghyperactivityjumping uppulling on leadrecalltoiletingpuppy training

Kate F. | Guilford, Connecticut

September 7 2016 Bark busters rating

This training is very helpful. I like that it really focuses from a dogs perspective, and there are no treats.


Tom F. | Prospect, Connecticut

August 28 2016 Bark busters rating

We saw immediate positive changes in Auggie.

barkingchewingjumping upseparation anxietytoiletingpuppy training

Jennifer G. | Prospect, Connecticut

August 27 2016 Bark busters rating

Richard was absolutely amazing to work with! My husband and I wanted our dog not to feel so anxious around having to protect our home all the time and with just the first session we already see a huge difference. We are very excited to be the pack leaders and for our dog to feel more relaxed and happy. Can't wait for our next session!

aggressionbarkingjumping upseparation anxiety

Jennifer G. | Prospect, Connecticut

August 26 2016 Bark busters rating

Richard was absolutely amazing to work with! My husband and I wanted our dog not to feel so anxious around having to protect our home all the time and with just the first session we already see a huge difference. We are very excited to be the pack leaders and for our dog to feel more relaxed and happy. Can't wait for our next session!

aggressionbarkingjumping upseparation anxiety

Courtney and John S. | Milford, Connecticut

August 19 2016 Bark busters rating

Richard and Vicki are so helpful and make the training easy to understand. With time and training our dog will be the perfect pet. Even from the first training session, we noticed an immediate improvement in our pup. Couldn't be happier!

barkingpulling on leadrecallseparation anxietyother

Michelle G. | Oakville, Connecticut

August 18 2016 Bark busters rating

Vicki and Richard are amazing. Very happy with the results. They are patient and very helpful. Noticed changes in Molly from the beginning.

barkingchewinghyperactivityjumping uppulling on leadrecallseparation anxietyother

Maggie and George H. | East Haven, Connecticut

August 8 2016 Bark busters rating

Saw improvements with Jax. He is becoming a happy companion pet.

digginghyperactivityjumping uppulling on lead

Danielle E. | Naugatuck, Connecticut

August 7 2016 Bark busters rating

Our new puppy Harley has been with us for 3 weeks now, we have been trying to train her on our own and it was a little frustrating because she seems like she wasn't listening to us. Vicki and Richard helped us on the first day she has reduced her nipping immediately and is learning come, sit and Stay/free. Thank you for the help Vicki and Richard.

barkingchewingjumping uprecalltoiletingpuppy trainingother

Jackie T. | Beacon Falls, Connecticut

August 3 2016 Bark busters rating

Great training. Dogs are calmer and living together peacefully now.

aggressionhyperactivityjumping uprivalryseparation anxiety

Roxann R. | Orange, Connecticut

July 23 2016 Bark busters rating

Many thanks to Vicky and Richard. Your instrutions today were clearly described and you demonstrated how to handle many behaviors to assist us in managing a very active and highly anxious puppy. The most important thing is that you were available during the time that I needed help and you even found time to help me out during your important conference for Bark Busters in Los Vegas too! Thanks for being there so quickly when you returned from your conference too:) I highly recommend your services to everyone who has a puppy and you will have a wonderful support team for behavior management which is extremely important to the person who never had a puppy and also for all people who need refresher information that is positive and you and your pup will have a most rewarding experience.

barkingjumping upseparation anxietypuppy trainingother

Mary N. | West Haven, Connecticut

July 22 2016 Bark busters rating

The training so far has been fantastic. Max is a 5 year old large retriever that we knew when we adopted him with his size we needed help to stop the jumping up. It wasn't safe for us, Max or our family and friends. They have proved we can teach old dogs new tricks! He has some allergies and anxiety issues also that with this training are improving daily. We are learning more than Max understanding how to think dog and interact with him to keep him relaxed and happy. Thinking like a dog has been the hardest part for me having raised 2 children and many cats, I have quickly learned you can't use the same techniques! Richard and Vicki have guided all in our household how to interact with Max in such a positive way. MAx is a joy and has grown so much. We marvel at every session how quick Max responds to the new tasks. He is so improved in just this first month and a half we can't wait to learn more!

aggressionbarkinghyperactivityjumping uppulling on leadseparation anxiety

Vanessa T. | Milford, Connecticut

July 19 2016 Bark busters rating

Richard and Vicki have been very helpful. Our first session was informative with ample time to practice so we were able to follow instructions to ensure success for "wait", mouthing, come... The written instructions were a great support as we carried on the home training. Our follow up sessions have really helped. Mack will sit and wait, allow visitors to enter without rushing the door, but the biggest change was seen after our last lesson on walking. Mack has gone from pulling us down the street to demonstrating he can walk at heel. It's only been a week but it is such a pleasure to go for a walk and know that he knows he can leave the "leading" up to us. The little bits of advise Richard and Vicki have given us is so beneficial. They both are great at letting us know we are doing a good job while providing us guidance on good techniques.

jumping uppulling on leadseparation anxietyother

Rachel F. | Woodbridge, Connecticut

June 9 2016 Bark busters rating

Richard did a wonderful job helping us understand how to communicate with our puppy, Winston. Winston is a very large, friendly pup who doesn't understand his size. Our major issue was jumping up on people who come into the house. Winston (and we) picked up on this type of training much better than treat training and clicker training.

jumping uppuppy training

Dawn H. | Oakville, Connecticut

May 17 2016 Bark busters rating

We really had a nice experience working with Richard and Vicki. They were very knowledgeable and explained the training techniques in a easy to understand and use manner. We can already see a change in our pups after today's first session.

aggressionbarkingjumping uprivalryseparation anxietyother

Dawn H. | Oakville, Connecticut

May 17 2016 Bark busters rating

We really had a nice experience working with Richard and Vicki. They were very knowledgeable and explained the training techniques in a easy to understand and use manner. We can already see a change in our pups after today's first session.

aggressionbarkingjumping uprivalryseparation anxietyother

Andrea A. | S, Connecticut

May 10 2016 Bark busters rating

Training a dog is not an easy thing to do. You need lots of time to spend for them to actually get them to understand. I try my best to spend time with Tabasco, but that is easier said then done. For the most part he is doing well and I know if I were to spend more time with him he would do really well.

He does have a lot of commands down, like sit & stay and come (while in the house). Now I have to work with him outside. I still have issues with him barking at the squirrels and birds and his aggressive behavior with other dogs when we are out walking. He is fine with dogs he has already met, it is just the first few times he meets a dog that he goes crazy. All in all, I think that he will do good, once I am able to spend more time with him.